Referral Program


Happy 2021! 🙏

I wanted to take this opportunity to outline our referral program for the agency. We are a people company and we wanted those people who support us to know what they mean to us. Let’s get into the details:

We are currently looking for hosts who can commit to broadcasting a minimum of 30+ hours every month, aged 18 or older and are physically living in the USA and Canada.

For every host referred to our agency, the person referring the host will receive (for the first three (3) months):

  • $60 USD per month when their referral reaches minimum tier

This means that if your referral meets minimum tier for all three months, you can earn $180 USD or more. We’re excited to offer this program to those looking to make a little extra income and help us grow the BIGO platform in North America.

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to us at