2023 re-cap: Elevating Live Streams to New Heights

Posted by Shaky News

As we finish 2023, we at Shaky G&E are excited to look back on a year of amazing growth. This growth is not just for our agency, but also for the amazing live streamers we are proud to work with. This year, we saw a record-breaking increase in audience participation and earnings for many of our skilled hosts. Some of our best hosts even earn a monthly income in the five figures. This shows the strength of good live stream management. It also shows the constant hard work of our outstanding team at Shaky G&E.

How did we achieve this?

Our success rests on nurturing a vibrant and diverse roster of live streamers. We don’t just manage streamers, we also actively help our hosts grow and develop. Our leading hosts have seen not just big financial rewards, but also a notable increase in their audience size. We help our partners find and own their unique space in the busy world of live streaming. We do this through careful planning, creating fresh content, and precise marketing.

At Shaky G&E, we believe in the power of clear communication for success in live streaming. We provide various ways for our partners to connect with us. You can contact us via email, SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp, Discord, or even schedule a call on our easy-to-use calendar system. We’re always ready to hear and answer your concerns. We urge our streamers to reach out whenever they need – because when you succeed, we succeed.

How do we help streamers?

We do more than just manage broadcasts for live streamers. We also provide one-on-one coaching and mentorship. These programs help you polish your skills and elevate your streams. Are you a pro wanting to boost your production quality? Or a newbie needing advice on growing your audience? Our seasoned team is here to help.

We support a personalized approach to how often our partners contact us. We urge our partners to get in touch whenever they need to. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple technical question or a detailed strategy talk. We’re here to give the necessary help and guidance for success.

We will continue to grow and help live streamers in the USA & Canada

As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re excited for the fresh opportunities the new year brings. At Shaky G&E, we remain committed to empowering live streamers. Our goal is to assist them in unlocking their full potential and achieving unprecedented heights in digital content creation. If you’re looking to enhance your live streaming journey, we’d love to talk. Here’s to a flourishing 2024, filled with growth, triumphs, and unforgettable live streams!