BIGO Gaming Pilot Program

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Get paid to play

We are looking for passionate, skilled or entertaining gamers playing mobile (iOS, Android) and/or PC games!

Show the world your live stream content

We pride our team in helping content creators from all backgrounds find their footing in the world of live streaming. No matter what content creator platform you have experience with, we can teach you how to live stream. With BIGO’s easy-to-use app and PC connector app, there are so many opportunities!

What are the requirements?

All gaming broadcasters must complete a traditional BIGO audition. 30 minutes, no gaming, just you and the camera.

This means every gaming live stream is still a regular host on BIGO, but it is up to you whether you focus more on gaming content or non-gaming broadcast content. You can always do both if you’re looking to earn more as a live stream content creator!

You can see the requirements for traditional hosts here:

Gaming content creators must:

  • Average 15 concurrent viewers for their top 10 broadcast days
  • Broadcast at least 15 hours per month at a maximum of 2 hours per day

The pay for accomplishing just the gaming requirements in a calendar month is $144 USD with more money to be made from achieving the traditional host quotas ($640 – $24,000 USD).

Fill out our audition interest form today and let us know you’re interested in becoming a gaming host:

Or book a call with us to learn more: