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Content creators and developers alike realize the realities of content consumption today — smartphones are the number one device for content consumption. At Shaky Gaming & Entertainment, we direct our attention to the platforms that put mobile first. The platforms that understand an interactive and engaging experience are pivotal in keeping users coming back to their apps.

Our mission

Our mission is people success. Shaky Gaming & Entertainment provides coaching and mentoring to our live streamers across all content creation platforms. We understand that a content creator’s success doesn’t just rely on their live stream, so whether it’s your live broadcast content to your social media posts, we are there to help you succeed.

Our roster

Shaky Gaming & Entertainment maintains a diverse roster of broadcasters. We’re always on the search for new, rising or established live streamers.

We believe in bringing together socializers, musicians, dancers and everything in between.

Open positions

We’re looking mainly for Canada-based people looking to live stream. Although we will accept people from the USA.

Broadcaster / Host / Live streamer