Thousands in referrals paid out for March

Posted by Shaky News

Hey friends,

We have had an amazing response to our referral program since launching the program in January 2021. We want to thank everyone who took part so far!

March 2021: Our best month yet!

Last month we saw our referral program do extremely well. So well in fact that March 2021 was our best month yet since the program’s fruition. We have paid out thousands of dollars in referrals just in March alone. We believe this is a testament to how effective our coaching and mentoring program is as we only pay out referrals for hosts that achieve the minimum payout tier.

We’re always striving to grow and improve our programs. Feel free to leave feedback and let us know what you would like to see from our referral program in the coming months.

Shaky G&E is a data driven agency. We analyze and collect metrics to drive our BIGO hosts to their full potential. Hosts who will put in the time and effort will see success under our agency.

We have paid out thousands of dollars in referrals

We want everyone to have the opportunity to make money, whether you’re looking to be a content creator yourself or a recruiter. BIGO is such a diverse platform that we believe that most if not all broadcasters can find success. Interested in becoming a host? Check out our Become a Host section.

Interested in our referral program?

Go ahead and check it out at this link: Shaky G&E Referral Program